The young adults taking part in Around and Around are from the age of 12 years plus.

Young adults are involved with this first stage of the project. For many of the young crew, learning to sail has been a big part of the learning process. However it is the trust, responsibility, teamwork and self-confidence that develop along the way that will help them to turn around their chances in life. Also critical to their long-term development are the budgeting, provisioning, organisation, planning and management skills that are vital to making any voyage work.

Supporting them are the adult skippers and young adult co-skippers, all veterans of the successful Raymarine Lively Lady Project.

This group of young people is just the start of a long-term project. As each group ‘graduates’ they move on to become the mentors for the next group.

As Lauren Harris, one of the original group of young adults and now a mentor to the new group said, “Working with the Raymarine Lively Lady Project and sailing on Lively Lady really opened my eyes to the opportunities available to me and made me realise that it didn’t matter what had happened in my life, if I worked hard enough I could achieve whatever I set out to do. I’ve now completed my Degree at Chichester University and it’s great to be able to show these new young people how their lives can be changed too.”

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Around and Around is a charity registered in England and Wales with Registered Charity Number 1129797.