We’d like to specifically say many thanks to our sponsors, these include:

  • Hayling Yacht Co – where all the work was carried out. For all the help and advise given by everyone  while we were there.

  • Jotun Paints – for all the products used prepare and get the hull looking as she does.

  • Wessex Resins – for the glue used to put the deck down.

  • Marine Industries – for suppling the Sikaflex used for the caulking.

  • Material Things – for Re -upholstering all the cushions for the bunks and cabin seating

  • Portsmouth News – wonderful coverage of the rebuild as well as the trip around the world in 2006-8.

  • C Quip for all the hatches and Chandlery items.

  • Technifast – made some of the special bolts we required

  • Our anonymous cash donor for the deck materials.

  • And everyone who tried to avoid Alans phones calls but donated everything he asked for!!


and we’d like to say many many thanks to our Volunteers, including:

  • Alan,  Steve, Pete, Stuart and Carol for such a massive amount of work on a daily basis. Truly inspirational!

  • Fred who did the decks and without whom we will still be in the shed.

  • Greg from Rotary Club of Whitley

  • Dave from Rotary Club of Bishops Waltham

  • Alan Goodwin from Isle of Wight.

  • Paul, Paul, Darren, Steve, Dav, Richard and many others from Hayling Yacht Co. Their help, advise and muscle power got us through many problems.

  • Fergus Taylor and Anthony Mason – for helping with the welding.

  • Mark Smith our new chairman for arranging a substantial donation.

  • Ian who donated a lot of power tools which was a great help and sped our work up enormously.

  • Johnny Black  for taking some great photo’s of the refit.

  • Sean who helped out with stripping at the start of the year.

  • Wendy, Steve’s wife has helped out and also loaned her husband to us!

There have been many hours spent on her, since the start of her refurb earlier this year, and we are very grateful for all who have taken part in such a monumental refurbishment.

The finished result is here: