Hi All, and Happy Easter.

We thought we’d give you a special treat for easter. Look at the latest that we’ve got from Lively Lady!  She’s really starting to come together now for her launch in the coming months.

Heres a few pictures that show how far she has come, well done to the team for making such good progress.

Below is Carol examining the new deck.


Steve peering through the dog-house below

The motely crew looking at the other big boat underway later this year. For more details on this see here

And this is what we expect her to look like when she’s done!

Lively Lady Refurbed – looking great a few years ago.

Keep an eye out for some big announcements coming very soon for the summer when Lively Lady will be back on the water for her 50th Anniversary of her arrival back into Portsmouth.



Lively Lady Looking Lovely!

One thought on “Lively Lady Looking Lovely!

  • April 5, 2018 at 7:27 pm

    Yes she certainly looks lovely – congratulations to all involved.
    Having read the latest Hayling Islander l would love to be involved at the Castle Field on 28th May – it sounds like a wonderful idea.


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