A few more pictures of Lively Lady leaving Gunwharf Quays in 2006.

Thousands of people came down to the Quay to see the historic boat sail for a round the world trip for the second time. Now in 2016 we’re starting to plan the third trip with the team that graduated as students from the 2006 trip now taking charge!

Captured 2006-8-1 00108

Good bye Portsmouth Harbour, Hello English Channel!

Captured 2006-8-1 00111

On the way out of the Quay.

Captured 2006-8-1 00165

Robertson’s G and Lively Lady looking good in the Solent. Plenty of boats out to wave good bye to the historic boat.

Captured 2006-8-1 00240

Out towards the Channel.


Looking tip top and ready to go.


Off on the first leg of her journey. Bon Voyage!


Setting Sail from Gunwharf Quays 10 years ago

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